Class A Recruiting Certificate Program

Why should I have a mentor?

Mentoring is important, not only because of the knowledge and skills you can learn from mentors, but also because mentoring provides professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success and beyond. Quality mentoring greatly enhances your chances for success.

1st 30 days – You will have a mentor who will be hands on with your job selection and getting you started by making calls to truck drivers.  Therefore  our  1st Goal for you - Learn about the Class A Industry, Trucking Terminologies, How to call a trucker, How get an application, How to follow up properly with your driver and how help get your driver hired!  And Let's not forget about the Marketing, Job Posting, Networking and Relationship Building:  

  • Hunting for New jobs 
  • Explanation of why a certain job has been selected
  • Cover how to Post Job Ad’s to attract Drivers
  • Ask Driver to Text back an answer if they like a particular job. – I love trees 

Examples Below of Trades that require On Job Training & Cost Associated to training:

Class A Driver

  • Driver will drive 6 months with a Certified CDL Driver Trainer or a Licensed CDL Driver during their 1st 6 months with the company. 
  • $501 Average Weekly Pay during 1st month of driving
  • (How is the Average Weekly Pay calculated – Driver is paid $10.00 per hour for driving time and state minimum wage for on duty not-driving).
  • $673 Average Weekly Pay during Phase 2 of driving will be for 1.5 months 
  • $753 Average Weekly Pay during month 4 to month 6
  • $1,000 to $1,200 Average Weekly Pay for an experienced CDL A Driver
  • $15,078 Average Earnings over a 6 month period for a New Class A Driver  
  • $26,400 Average Earnings over a 6 month period for an Experienced Class A Driver 

$11,322 Overall Cost to getting your Class A Drivers License along with 6 month mentorship


Electrician Apprenticeships

Apprentices work under the close supervision and guidance of journeymen and master electricians, making the quality of the training and exposure to real-world wiring work second to none.

  • $54,320 Electrician National Average per Year  
  • $35,828 National Average for an Electrician Apprenticeship Yearly
  • $18,492 Dollars in Training Cost Paid by Electrician Apprentice
  • How did we calculate this cost?  Cost is computed by the reduced wages an electrician apprentice earns during their apprentice.

Plumber Apprenticeships

Do not require college to enter their professions. In fact, most go through an apprenticeship that lasts from four to five years.  Each year requires at least 246 hours of technical instruction and from 1,700 to 2,000 hours of paid training on the job.  

  • Apprentice plumbers can expect to earn around half the pay rate of a more experienced plumber in their area (with pay increases as their skills develop).
  • $21.94 Per Hour is the average hourly wage for a plumber
  • $10.97 Per Hour is the average hourly wage for a plumber apprentice
  • $21,940 Dollars in Training Cost 

How did you get that cost? This cost is computed by the reduced wage a Plumbers Apprentice Earns.  During their On The Job Training a Plumbers Apprentice Earns about 50% less per hour than a Regular Plumber would earn.

Carpenter Apprenticeships

  • $16,965 to $28,275 Average Annual  Earnings Per Apprentices 
  • $56,550 Average Annual Earnings for a General Carpenter 
  • $28,275 to $39,585 Dollars Yearly Cost for Training Paid by Carpenter Apprentice

Virtual Driver Recruiter Apprenticeships

  • $1,296 Weekly Average Earned by Virtual Driver Recruiter during 1st 3 months
  • $2,592 Weekly Average Earned by Virtual Driver Recruiter from month 4 to 6 months

$399.00 Overall Cost to become a Successful Professional Virtual Class A Driver Recruiter 

  • 3-Day Live Online Training Seminar 
  • Receive 30 days of Free Marketing ($250.00 Average Value Alone)
  • Training on how to Market and Write ads 
  • Online Access to over 50 plus carriers 
  • Learn the Advantages of being a  part of a 3rd-Party Recruiting firm
  • Learn about the Transportation Industry and the best places to target drivers
  • Career Opportunity to be your own Business Owner
  • A Built-in Business Opportunity to Set up your own 3rd-Party Recruiting company 
  • Opportunity to earn a 6 figure income from home within your 1st year of recruiting

Numbers Do Not Lie!   $23,922.80 Average Yearly Cost to become one of the following trades

  • Class A Driver = $55,000 Yearly Average
  • Electrician = $54,320 Yearly Average
  • Plumber = $58,320 Yearly Average
  • Carpenter = $56,550 Yearly Average

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  It will Only Cost You $399 to Become a Well Trained Class A Driver Recruiter!!!

  • CDL Driver Recruiter  = $100,000 Yearly Average


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Numbers Do Not Lie!  

$23,922.80  is the Average Yearly Cost to become one of the following trades: 

  • Class A Driver = $55,000 Yearly Avg.
  • Electrician = $54,320 Yearly Avg.
  • Plumber = $58,320 Yearly Avg.
  • Carpenter = $56,550 Yearly Avg.

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  It will Only Cost You $399 to Become a Well Trained Class A Driver Recruiter!!!

  • Driver Recruiter= $100,000 Yearly Avg. 


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